All businesses and operations have a life cycle. They need capital to grow and expand or become more efficient; they may be bought or sold and they need a place from which to operate. Nova Capital can help in each of these areas. 

Capital Financing Solutions

Capital equipment financing is a crucial cog in the wheel of business success. While bank or credit union lending facilities are standard, the availability of other credit facilities with supportive organizations adds a significant degree of assurance to a company in the event of changes in lending policies or economic downturns. Nova Capital enables companies to diversify their lender risk and may enable the company to free up their balance sheet from the primary lender's perspective.

Nova Capital offers both term financing and leasing of capital equipment. Information required to make a financing decision includes at least two years of financial statements and with small companies, personal financial information on the owner.

Term loans are typically for up to five years and can include flexible repayment terms including skip payments. Security usually includes a charge over the asset financed.

Leases enable a company to improve their cash flow without putting the asset on the balance sheet, which may be advantageous in order to comply with banking covenants. We lease all types of moveable equipment used for industrial and commercial purposes, other than automobiles and non-customized vans. Nova Capital strives to structure our leases to meet your cash flow requirements, delivering our response to your request in a timely manner. Nova Capital uses both its own capital and acts as a broker for other lenders, assuring you of the best rates possible for your credit facilities.

Term loans can be established for periods of up to five years. Whether fixed or floating, we are prepared to address your requirements.

Lease benefits:

  • Increased buying power
  • Reduced down payment required
  • Tax benefits
  • You don’t use cash or lines of credit
  • Tax payment is spread out over terms of lease
  • Better match revenue with expenditures.

Term loan benefits:

  • A secondary source of financing
  • Fixed or floating rates
  • Terms up to 5 years

Business Brokerage Services

Nova Capital provides business brokerage services to entrepreneurs looking to acquire a new business or make a strategic acquisition to expand their existing business. We also work with business owners looking to exit their business.

Buying a Business

Buying a business is a big decision, and we can help you navigate this process.  As business owners and financiers, we've been through the process so we understand the issues you face and can help you overcome various barriers. Our team will manage the complete process from the initial idea through to the successful purchase. Our process includes: 

  • Initial Consultation: A preliminary question and answer session to clarify your objectives, price range and business model plans
  • Purchase Preparation: Advice, training and documentation requirements for purchase negotiation and due diligence
  • Valuation: Assessment of the target business to determine its potential value and the most appropriate purchase strategy
  • Buyer Guidance: Accompanied buyer visits, consulting and regular status reporting
  • Negotiation: Facilitation of negotiation and responses to any counter offers 
  • Transaction Management: Management of process from terms to  completion – keeping the transaction on track
  • Legal and Accounting Assistance: We can identify professionals who have proven expertise in buying a business to assist as needed

Selling a Business

When looking to sell a business, Nova Capital identifies the value of your business and the best strategy to market it successfully. We will drive your business sale from concept to completion. We provide knowledgeable, responsive and confidential services. Our process includes:

  • In-depth insights on valuation, prospecting, negotiations and other  sale elements
  • We have extensive prior business experience that allows us to understand  the financial, operational, and legal issues of your company that make your company more saleable
  • We manage the process, allowing you to continue to operate the business so that financial results are not impaired
  • We help you receive the best possible price and terms for your company
  • We ensure necessary deadlines are met
  • We ensure confidentiality

Business Advisory Services

Nova Capital assists business owners and management teams in growing, transitioning, and/or strategically acquiring or investing in businesses. We work with business owners to maximize top and bottom-line results.

Our work with companies has included business valuations, organizational assessment, building enterprise value, and preparing for acquisition, sale or raising capital.

Nova Capital assists companies become more structured and self-reliant. Re-think, re-build, and streamline your business for a more profitable future.

Our team has operated businesses and developed strategies in periods of growth, as well as developed operational strategies for companies going through challenging times.

A partnership with Nova Capital means you and your business will receive the necessary skills, know-how, structure and support mechanisms in place to give you the winning edge. Talk to us today.

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